Improve your inner confidence and self-control.

1 Jul 2016

My positive approach, implemented in my life with great personal success, gives me more inner confidence and self-control than ever.

Please remember this is only my opinion, but it really does work for me - I've been in that ditch, no light, no end of the tunnel many times.

1. Starting with myself, keeping a house of order in everything we do, everything in its place and a place for everything.

2. Always be honest, in thought, word and deed, doing the right thing regardless of temptation, if we cheat, we cheat ourselves and if we lie, we have to have a very good memory.

3. Work to separate the negative from the positive, in life and in others' opinion.

4. Other peoples' opinions, including Medical and Financial, are generally just that, an opinion, which we can either accept or reject, but question always, its your life.

5. Strive to become solvent, get rid of debt as far as possible, don't work for loan companies.

6. Procrastination in adversity pulls us down, start with the most painful, deal with it, don't allow it to fester in the subconscious, it gives power to control and destroy our inner confidence.

7. Strive to be more positive within yourself, we're all equal, no one is better, and we are no better that others.

8. When doubt sets in...reach out to someone less fortunate than ourselves, in that instant, we forget our own adversities, (most of which we create ourselves). We become extrovert, which has a calming effect upon our emotions, it HALTS our selfish, self-centered attitude, because we become needed, wanted, and of worth!

9. The greatest attribute we can obtain, is to strive hard to be a good listener. That way we are able to offer effective counsel based upon sound opinion.

10. Allowing others to 'unload' serves two purposes, 1. We create a real friend. 2. We see the love reflected in the recipient's eyes, as we have given 'spot on' counsel.

11. Say what you mean and mean what you say, do not deviate.

12. NEVER give up on anyone or anything... see it through to the end result, don't be put off, by anyone.

13. Don't allow ourselves to become offended, this is probably the most demanding of our persona, but that which holds the key to inner peace.

14. Don't contend with anyone, state your opinion and walk away from contention, holding our head up high, and not allowing others that power that motivates most folk, because contention is of the devil.

15. Keep your promises, no matter what, and be punctual.

Good luck.


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