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12 Jun 2023

Do you ever forget important matters? These can be physical items that you meant to take with you for the day, or mental matters such an anniversary or birthday. The easiest piece of advice I’ve ever enjoyed applying is to, “put it in front of the door.”  This may be the physical item itself, or a reminder note attached to the door so you and I can notice it before we go out.

The reminder is ‘in the way’ of our habit pathway so that it becomes a simple matter to remember. A cliché I’ve sometimes heard in Action-Adventure movies is to, “put ourselves in harm’s way.”  Well, what if we were to put ourselves in wellbeing’s way – to put us in the way of wellbeing?

This is very much easier than it may sound. It’s almost no work at all. All it requires is to put a reminder of something that promotes your wellbeing ‘in the way’ of your daily routine. You may have an inspiring quote attached to the bathroom mirror. There may be another note on the fridge of items to shop for that promote health and wellbeing. The desktop image on your computer or home screen on your smartphone may have an uplifting quote. 

Thus, today’s suggested action is fun and easy: choose three memory nudges that would lead to an enhanced sense of wellbeing, then stick them in the way!

Seeking for inspiration? Let’s open up the comments for suggestions and quotes. Maybe you have a dietary supplement, favourite food, or suggestion that promotes health and wellbeing. Maybe you have a favourite quote you would share with us…


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