Invitation to Dance.

7 Aug 2016

"Resistance is Futile" The Borg

"Yes, but resistance is a bit of a nuisance!" Lex

How would you like to find yourself 'irresistible' to everyone? It would probably be a bit embarrassing after a while, but it's an interesting thought.

Here's another interesting thought:

What if people's resistance to your ideas or offers were simply "an invitation to dance"?

People say, "No!" or even, "No, thank you!" when they don't see enough possibilities in your proposition to make a change in their own story - not enough potential to stop what they are doing now and join the dance with you. If we see their 'resistance' as simply 'an invitation to dance' - we can change the style of the invitation. 'Dance' here refers to a metaphor for all human interactions. When they flow well, we join a dance with one another. When we don't connect, the other party simply sits the dance out, and misses the magic.

Let's play with an empowering assumption: people won't dance until you frame the invitation in the right way. So, if they say, "No!" to you today, think 'possibility' - and then add more possibilities to the invitation. Rewrite the dance card in a way that bigs up the possibilities in the dance for the other person.

Possibility thinking is far more powerful that positive thinking.

An enticing invitation to dance is the next step on your path to becoming 'simply irresistible'!


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