Is it meant to be hard?

23 Jun 2022

I find it hard to write very personal blogs as others do as I am not anonymous.

I think there may be other people stuck in relationships that have some enjoyable times, but they feel trapped and feel guilty that another relationship maybe be ending. So, against my better judgement I am putting my heart on my sleeve to hopefully learn from others.

When I think of most of couples I know who have been happily married for 40 years or more, I feel envious and feel like I must be failing relationships 101.

I am nearly a decade into my relationship after two others that did not work out. I have been told by every partner there is something deeply flawed in me, and I am impossible to live with due to my ‘condition.”

I fear this may be true.

I have told myself I pick the wrong partner and rush into relationships, but the only thing that is in common with all three relationships is me.

Some say relationships can be challenging, but should it be this hard? Is it possible I am always in the wrong, that I always say the wrong thing.? Other people with bipolar have long lasting marriages so what is wrong with me.?


I do not want this blog to focus on me but rather to be a starting point for wonderful moodscopers to share their insights.


So here comes some questions that may give me insight into others experience:

Do you feel your mental health has affected your relationship?

Have you ever been told your mental health is causing problems in your relationship?

Has anyone learnt to live with a controlling partner who is sometimes verbally critical?

Has anyone felt they were the problem in the relationship?


A Moodscope member.

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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