It is no big deal

2 Jun 2022

Those five words annoy me when I have told someone something that concerns me, and they brush it off as nothing. They imply what I feel, what I am worried about is really of no consequence.

They say “Why do you always make a mountain out of a mole hill?”

Why do they dismiss or belittle our experiences? Our feelings are valid.

Is it asking too much for another to see that it is a big deal for me and respect my feelings?

I once told a friend that I don’t like people talking behind my back. If she has a problem with me, tell me to my face. She looked at me sighed and said “It is not a big thing, you worry too much and you should relax more.”

I not only felt she did not listen, I felt I was being patronised.

Someone told me that it must be part of my condition to worry about things that do not matter.

Of course, sometimes it is not a big deal in the whole scheme of things but to me it is. I suppose if someone listens, I can often realise it is not worth letting it upset me.

I am wondering if anyone else feels like this or has had others say the same thing?

Do the words ‘It is no big deal’ annoy you or do you just let it go?


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