It’s a win from me

8 Jul 2020

Have you heard the phrase If you win the morning, you win the day”?


I have varying feelings about mornings.  If they are unrushed then I welcome the new day feeling, waking naturally and using sound as my first exploration of what might come. If they are rushed then its dive in, shake off the chill, get it done, but most times with the added lure of a mid to late morning breakfast which is a precious gift to self.


Either way, I try to live by the phrase ‘win the morning and you win the day’.  Since I heard it, it has helped me a lot. 


Procrastination takes the back seat whilst I achieve something. Some days it’s great, I do things that help in a big way (exercise early/raise the mood from the outset,  cook dinner early/remove pressure from the entire day and evening) and other days it’s celebrating bed-making as a much larger achievement than it is at other times, but I’m happy to take every little thing as quality achievements.


I now look forward to banking something early on which seems to set the day off on a good spin. Later, if I’m low in mood or energy I don’t add guilt to my burden because the morning has been won.


Would it help you if you won the morning? Do you already do this? Feel free to share for us all to benefit from the inspiration!


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