Juggling Motherhood

29 Apr 2019

Hi there, I've been a moodscope lurker for several years and thought it was time to say hello.

I'm just coming out of a big bout of postnatal depression. I've experienced depression and anxiety in the past, but this was a much deeper and scarier bog. I had a small human to keep alive, while falling to pieces myself. I thought the fog would never lift and I truly hope I've not caused any emotional damage to my son in the process. It's a big decision to start a family when mental health problems are part of the scene.

I've now returned to work and the support has been poor. I had to appeal for part-time hours and six weeks in my boss still hasn't asked how being back at work is going, am I coping okay? I'm working full-time - how am I feeling about this? How is my son? Am, I getting any sleep? Nothing - except could I make sure I'm available 24/7 on my mobile.

While on maternity leave HR launched a mental health champion scheme (it's a two-day mental health training course).

My boss is a champion, she proudly wears a little blue badge to let people know she can be approached and that she'll help and support them.

And it makes me think, as an organisation we have a long way to go on embedding this scheme. Maybe some people are just not clear on how to support an employee with mental health problems.


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