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23 Jan 2019

I was going to write a blog on procrastination, but I think I'll do it tomorrow...

Ah, well, if you're reading this, it is tomorrow (one of those paradoxes which make your head hurt if you think too much about it) and yesterday I did write a blog on procrastination.

Except it isn't really about procrastination – because, if you're like me, you have read all about procrastination and realise that pretty much all there is to say about it has been said already.

At least, it's not a blog on overcoming procrastination.

You see, I am always a last minuter. Every week I say to myself, "I will write my Moodscope blog on Sunday." And every week it is Tuesday. Occasionally Monday if I am really disciplined!

It's not just unpleasant jobs I put off – and, honestly, writing this blog is never a chore. I put off giving myself treats; I put off writing my novels; I put off making my cards; I put off baking – all until the last minute. And then, of course, the task is done under pressure.

I have a work-related task to do, straight after this blog. I must create a vision board for my business. I must produce it tomorrow at my coaching meeting. And – of course – I've already had a fortnight in which to prepare it.

The ideas for the vision-board have been churning in my head, but none of them coalesced until this morning; possibly because they needed that pressure of urgency to bring them into focus. One of the reasons why the current novel has stalled is because there is a sex scene coming up and I didn't know how my characters would handle it. Now I do know, and I can't wait to start writing again. Of course, the fact I have agreed to give a talk in June on "Being a Romance Author", might have something to do with that urgency!

Then there's the tax return...

I think I have accepted, however, after fifty-five years, that I am just a last minuter. I can't work without pressure. I have also recently realised that I do always get things done – and done to a reasonable standard. Because I do leave enough minutes.

It's Tuesday morning now, not Tuesday evening. Caroline will get this blog by lunchtime. It's January 22nd, and the tax return will be in well before 31st. The vision board for the business will be done by the end of the day. There are enough minutes. Just.

There is no slack, such as my husband likes to put in; I don't actually schedule my procrastination as my daughter does (yes, really), but things are done, just in time. And on time.

So maybe it's time to stop beating myself up for being a procrastinator, to treat it as a personality trait and stop apologising.

We all have things that we could do differently, but – just maybe – it's okay to do them the way we do.


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