A Flamboyance of Leggings

28 Jan 2022

I have always liked wearing colourful clothes and fancy dress.

My clothes came from charity shops long before it was considered environmentally friendly and a trendy thing to do.

After the fires I was kindly given many clothes from other people who had different body shapes to me, so most did not fit me. I was given many dresses so after a year I gave them away as I had not worn a dress for many years.

Plain black leggings with a dark top became my uniform and the colours matched my mood.

One day I saw an advertisement for coloured leggings featuring flamingos and owls and other animals that my grand daughter liked, so I ordered some. When I visited her, she loved naming the animals as her family and friends. My son who does not like me wearing colourful clothes especially ones with animals, asked me if I was wearing them for his daughter or myself. I answered both.

I noticed when I wore them, I felt more relaxed as they were so comfortable, and the cheerful designs helped to find some of the peace and joy I had lost.

Strangers comment on my leggings and even though they would never wear them, seeing them makes them smile.

At the charity shop where I volunteer, I am known for my colourful leggings collection and they like finding me more.

My clothes have often reflected my mood. When I was depressed, I used to wear dark sensible colours and was covered head to toe, and when I was high, I would wear colourful tight fitting outrageous clothes. This was in my late teens and early twenties.

I have no fashion sense at all and no sense of colour. Many people have told me that what I wear is ridiculous and are horrified I dare to wear such designs! I wear them with confidence, and they make me smile.

Do you have clothes, bags, shoes etc. that other people feel are not suitable for you?

Do you have clothes etc. that make you smile?


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