Life without moodscope

24 Sep 2020

I was thinking of what to write after losing two blog posts, I wondered what my life would be without Moodscope.

Here I have been provided with an opportunity to write blog posts and comments and give and receive support. Also, it is a privilege to be able to read the thoughts and the variety of ideas by other Moodscopers.

I, like many others have the opportunity to write and have others read our words. I find the discussion on the blog as interesting as the blog posts. There are people here who have been using Moodscope for many years, some for a few years and some may have just joined. People come here for the for the Moodscope test and many more people read the blog posts than ever comment.

For me Moodscope filled something that was missing in my life and for others Moodscope may have been something they did not realised they needed until they did.

I wonder what your life would be like without Moodscope and how has Moodscope added to your life?


A Moodscope member

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