Life's Amplifiers.

17 Jul 2016

You have an infinite capacity for Life.

When Life is good, it's highly likely that you'd like more of the good stuff! We all may have different desires, missions and visions in Life but we all share a common intent and purpose:

To live Life to the full.

I call this "Life Plus" or "Life∞" - simply because I meet so few people who are enjoying Life to the full. So how can we get more out of life? How can we move into more of this "quality of Life" that people mention so often?

To get more 'out' of Life, put more 'in' to Life!

There are many factors that will amplify the quality of life. "There" is an anagram of "Three" so let's just focus on three today!



Stroking {Positive}

You get more of what you pay attention to. This seems to be a Golden Rule of Mindset - the stuff you think about expands in your awareness, and often in your circumstances too. So a great place to begin is by paying attention or 'investing attention' in the practice of being grateful.

Firstly, then, what are you grateful for today?

This will prime your creative mindset to mine your experience for those gems of goodness. What's good and true and lovely and praise-worthy in your life? What's beautiful and funny and edifying?

Secondly, pay attention...

Some people are so poor they can't even pay attention! If you want inner peace, the lessons from history are clear: quality of life is about People first. And the currency of every good relationship is attention. In short, we need to quieten our inner dialogue and need to be heard, and turn up our ability to listen to others. Once again, there are gems to be found once you listen deeply to the message behind the surface noise.

Thirdly, Stroke people!

Really listening to someone is a wonderful gift to give, and a great investment in the future of your relationship. But you're not a microphone attached to a recording device... you are also a Broadcaster with a message to share, a Singer with a song to sing, a Poet with a love poem to speak into being.

What I mean is that true listening must produce tangible fruit. You must respond in some way. And this is where positive stroking will further amplify your quality of life. I am using 'stroking' here in the way it is meant by Transactional Analysts: a unit of attention. We won't go any deeper today but simply suggest you really turn up the volume when you say something good, and true, and lovely about the other person.

Amazing people will surround you today. Catch them doing something right, and tell them that you appreciate it.

If you can become more aware of what there is to be grateful for in your Life, and if you can really listen to others today, and if you can augment your listening with genuine compliments, your Life (and my Life) will be amplified towards its potential: "Life Plus" or "Life∞"

Have a wonder-filled day!


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