...look at it.

16 Nov 2013

So reads the title for chapter 11 in his book The Yellow World by the quirky and quick minded Albert Espinoza.

That title truly resonated with me. In the last couple of weeks I've been perusing hundred's and hundred's of photo's on my computer, going back six or seven years. What really stood out to me, was that despite the fact those years have been glutted with sadness and disappointments, my photograph's did not reflect that.

I'd captured, often on a daily basis, chance, random, sometimes odd but always beautiful, pretty things and moments. My photographic library documents not the quotidian garbage but the beauty.

Due to recent surgery I've been somewhat incapacitated and was initially in much discomfort and pain. During those days, there was little to be done but to 'find what I liked looking at and then, well, to look at it.'

It was then I realised that I'm quite good at (and I don't utter those words often) tuning into and observing pleasant things; The coloured wool piled into pigeon holes in the living room, a lamp with colourful crystals dangling and casting rainbows on the wall, the intricate folds of a rose standing regally in a vase, the flicker of a scented candle, little things can deliver a lot of comfort in our darker moments.

Whilst in hospital, I stumbled on a huge patchwork quilt that depicted some of the famous sights of Liverpool, mounted and framed on a wall. The workmanship was breathtaking such was the intricacy and detail. Alas, I didn't see anyone stop and stare. That made me sad.

So, today, fight the torpor, find something you like looking at, perhaps something no-one else has noticed and photograph it. Stare at it.

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