Making Sense

9 Jan 2023

If we were only to focus on five important matters this year, these would be five of the best:






How could we have a bigger, brighter, bolder vision of the future?

What affirmations would we need to adopt to speak into being a better future?

How would we like to feel this year?

What is the scent of 2023?

And what new tastes could we explore in 2023?


See bigger, brighter, bolder…

As a personal example…

I have already scoped my new home for 2023.

I have already scoped my new office.

I have already scoped my new training centre for 2023.

ALL of which are improbable, almost impossible without massive investment.


·      I am successful.

·      I am confident.

·      I am powerful.

·      I am humble – recognising my need of help.

·      I am strong.

·      I am getting better and better every day.

·      All I need is within me right now.

·      I wake up motivated.

·      I am an unstoppable force of nature.   


I wish to make people feel ******* as a result of interacting with me.

·      Confident

·      Special – uniquely amazing

·      Valued

·      Appreciated

·      Missed when they are not available


What’s my Signature Scent for 2023?


What’s my Signature Taste for 2023?


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