20 Aug 2020

In the last few days, I have made two silly mistakes. I think my brain is losing its power.

I rarely get a bus home after shopping as it is not a long walk, but it was cold and windy.


I checked two timetables then waited and at the right time caught a bus.


After a few minutes I saw it was going the wrong way. The driver told me I should have checked the number of the bus, but it was cold, and I checked the timetable that indicated only one bus was coming at that time. I had to wait 30 mins before it got back to town then became the bus I wanted.


I felt so incompetent and wanted to cry, I feel I may be losing my ability to do things I normally do!!


About 30 minutes ago I had written a blog and went to copy it and send it. Not sure what I did but I did not copy or save it. Not a big deal but so frustrating and I didn’t have the energy to write it out again. I feel I lack the basic skills that I used to have.


I don’t have enough room to list all the silly things I do from asking where my glasses are when I am wearing them, to buying the wrong product at the supermarket.


I am wondering if others can relate to this? I do not want to examine why I do things. Maybe stress, possibly many reasons, but I want to find a kinder way of coping with being human and making mistakes other than crying or calling myself names.


I know many people make mistakes, but I get annoyed with myself when I do. Sometimes I can laugh at myself but many times I feel I am making too many mistakes.


When you make a mistake what do you say or do so keep things in perspective?


Do you have any helpful ideas, so I do not go into self-loathing mode?


This time I managed to turn my mistake into a blog.



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