Mix and match.

3 Jun 2017

Can you relate to the following story?

I used to have a kitchen cupboard full of plastic containers which always had more tops than bottoms. Many of the tops didn't fit the bottoms, so it meant that in a whole cupboard full of over 50 items there would only be half a dozen that fit.

One day I saw a great new system advertised that had colour co-ordinated containers so I threw out all the old pieces. I was so proud of my new neat cupboard. I showed my partner, I showed my friends and family, I could be neat and organised. Ok it was one small cupboard but it was a start.

This new plan worked well for a month or two with all the containers matched with their colourful lids, then gradually there were less lids, until I has less complete containers than I had before I bought the new ones! Please explain this phenomena! How can the cupboard be full of matching containers and a month later have hardly any lids. Where do they go? Why wasn't the colour co-ordination working as the man in the advertisement promised?

I wondered how hard is it to match up lids to bottoms. Obviously very difficult for me.

In life do we try to match things exactly or do we mix and match?

Sometimes it is not possible to get an exact match with our treatment, our medication, our therapy, our counselling. I think we need to be flexible and try and work out what suits us best.

I know humans are not plastic containers but there is a pressure sometimes to make everything an exact fit.

Do you try for an exact fit in life or do you try mix and match?


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