More Blogs Please.

2 Mar 2014

I feel there is much untapped talent out there amongst the Moodscope community and I know Moodscope would welcome more blogs.

It is generally true that people with mental health issues and worries are the more creative types. Our imagination overflows with ghastly scenarios which might happen to us. We can be quite dramatic people. We like life when it's good and hate it when it's bad. We (I!) can be people of extreme emotions.

All these qualities are interesting and make for good writing.

But really it doesn't matter how good you consider your writing to be. We will love it.

After all, I wrote something recently when I was feeling low and I still cringe when I read it. But it was me at that particular time and it expressed how I felt. (And actually someone told me that in their comments, so you see it helps to write even when you think what you write is just too awful. I learnt something which will stay with me now.)

Why don't you express how you feel? I know you write well. I've seen your comments on the blog pages.

You, I, us, all of us, are here to help each other get through each day. One way of doing this is to write a blog.

It's a great boost to see your words out there and I can absolutely guarantee someone will love what you write.

If I've inspired you in any way, just send your blog to


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Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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