Moving On Up

31 Aug 2023

I don't think I had realised just how stressful moving was until we are doing it again. 

A few years ago, we found an amazing place in an exquisite setting surrounded by a magnificent variety of mature trees. We were not allowed to make an offer because our property was not on the market, and only a while later, found out how much it went for which kind of crushed us as we could have probably gone for it.

The new owners razed the trees to the ground and opened everything up so it became totally soul-less. Two lonesome sheep graze the large patch of grass which was once festooned with life. We swallowed it as “not meant to be”. So Harmony Cottage, as it was, melted away from our memories. We'd even visited twice and made up plans for what we were going to do, before we realised we weren't in the running. 

We put in an offer on a house in May of this year. We'd not looked particularly extensively but saw the potential of this. Our buyer pulled out unexpectedly, leaving us the only option to re-list. We got a huge quote for moving so have opted instead for temporary storage which we have just started to use and a vehicle to help. However, I did not realise how much of a toll this whole thing would take on my mental health. 

In between this, I have changed jobs, become totally self employed setting up a small business, gone on holiday to scatter some ashes necessitating two separate 10 hour plus drives to England, plus pack up over the last two months and sort out stuff. Keeping my sanity plus temper and frustrations in has been the biggest challenge. I am amazed that I am still functioning and married, as I have so wanted to escape what feels like a total mess. 

I'd love to hear your stories of moving and how you coped with your mental health and words of encouragement which are badly needed right now.


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