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28 May 2023

I sat in the car right outside the barber shop and I watched my dad, waiting his turn in the window seat. The man who owns the shop next door, Mr Martinez, stood in his doorway the entire time I was there. He did not know I was having a little holiday on his routine. He glued something needing glueing. He brought out a small rocking horse for sale. He drank from his mug, he said hellos to one or two passers by, he looked at the world. He drank in the world. He looked so captivated by the day, and so fascinating. I wanted to photograph him, in his doorway, elegant in his shirt and in his pondering, with my dad as a sideline in the window seat.  

And there we were. Each of us doing our thing. Each of us part of each other’s world for this one moment in the week. And as unremarkable as it was, it felt remarkable somehow.  

These little head-breaks are, for me, such restful places to sit inside. People-watching is free and freeing.

It’s Sunday. Maybe you will people-watch a little today…

Love from 

The room above the garage 

A Moodscope member

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