My handsome companion 

17 Jan 2021

Here I sit, at the kitchen table, looking out to my best friend Half a Tree. I’ve written about him a number of times over the years I’ve been on Moodscope. In short, he and me have been pals for about 12 years. We step the days together and he’s fought hard to survive all that he has been through. He is all I need in a pal, he’s there. He’s there when I wash dishes, there when I chop, there when I write. He’s there during warm, light nights, he’s there in frost and storms, and there at dawn and dusk when I open, and close, the house to the day. 


Right now he is completely naked, and I’m not even blushing! He is in silhouette against a winter sky and together they make a perfect couple. His arms are outstretched, strong and inky black against the crisp, clear, end-of-day sky with hints of marshmallow pink inside its icy twinkle. 


And the best part? I sat to write this at 4.19pm (with mug of hot tea) and darkness had not fully arrived. Just a few weeks ago at this time I’d have had the blind and curtain drawn. The days are changing. All by themselves. We just need to patiently allow them. Bit by little bit. Look how far we’ve come! 


Look back sometimes – can you see your progress?   If you can’t, I bet you have friend or family who can see it.   


Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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