My morning dose of Moodscope

11 Jan 2022

Every morning, on the dot, I get my Moodscope blog post via email and it is always interesting and informative.

Sometimes it speaks uniquely to what I’m going through, at that time, and thus resonates even further. A recent one, on sleep, was of powerful importance given a new and unexpected bout of anxiety that had been - and sometimes still is - disrupting my sleep. Thanks so much bloggers for these tips.

Likewise, I’ve still kept a post on money being the root of all evil, from way back in early 2018, during some thankfully short-lived money troubles.

Basically Moodscope is an extra level of support to my daily routine - there when I need it. I thank everyone that contributes the thought provoking posts.

One day I may open up about my struggles, with a positive slant if I can, in a bid to try to help others in some small way. But, for now, here’s a blog of thanks, at least.


A Moodscope member.

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