18 Jan 2014

Being happy is an evasive thing. It's somehow hard to put a finger on why or what it is that makes us happy. But when we are, we definitely know it.

I recently read Gretchen rubin's The Happiness Project, and it truly spoke to me. Don't we all want to seek as much happiness in our lives as possible? Her book is all about this search, devised in 12 practical, approachable goals (one for each month). But, maybe we can make this a little more simple and less time consuming.

For me, it comes down to three things:

1. Treasuring your relationships.

2. Doing what you love.

3. Being yourself.

Now, many would argue that it is important to have a positive attitude, or to sort out money issues, or to revitalise your marriage in order to be truly happy. I disagree. If everything is torn away, our lives are based on these three things.

So ask yourself:

Do you love your work?

Are you happy in your own company?

Do you feel like you are true to yourself and your values?

Do you treasure your relationships?

So, go out for coffee with that friend you haven't seen in 'too long'. Be grateful when mum does the ironing, or your partner makes you a cup of tea. And, most importantly, accept. If you can accept yourself, you are miles ahead of most of us!


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