Napping is for life not just for babies!

28 Nov 2013

Living with an inconvenient illness called narcolepsy, I know a thing or two about the art of napping. It's a frustrating necessity that my life revolves around little sleeps so that a) I remain well and b) so that I don't fall asleep at inconvenient times. This is a non-negotiable way of life for me and so I sometimes forget that the rest of the population don't need naps. Still, I believe that in the sleep deprived, don't-stop-until-you-drop-culture in which we live, napping ought to be embraced!

Scientific studies have shown that naps can have a positive impact on our mood and performance. Sadly though, we seem to struggle to overcome the judgment that napping is only for babies or lazy, idle folk.

If Richard Branson or some other entrepreneur out there should ever be in need of a new incongruous brainstorm with bravura, oh please, please, could there be something called "The Somnolent Saloon" in shopping malls or department stores? I would happily, gladly, gleefully pay for this service! (For me, finding a safe napping ground is as important as finding a public convenience when needed.)

It could be something akin to what Selfridges, London, launched earlier this year - The Silence Room. The idea is that there is a room with soft lighting, away from all the hustle and bustle, where one can sit quietly (shoes and technology are put in a locker before entering), relax and if you so wish, nap.

I was excited to check out this new concept during a recent visit to London. Alas, alack, it is no more. How sad and shortsighted.

Harry Gordon Selfridge was the first to initiate a silence room back in 1909. Yes, perhaps it was ostensible - he knew that by providing a resting place to re-coop energy, customers would stay in his store longer - but still, I feel he was on to something. It would surely have enhanced the customer's shopping experience.

If Napping will enhance and sharpen our working performance and daily efficiency, let's not hide our naps or be ashamed of napping. Ask your family, boss or co-workers not to disturb your 40 winks. Assure them you'll be the better, happier worker for it. Embrace the nap!

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