25 Jun 2016

I'm not a fan of Neighbours. But I gather Natalie Imbruglia acted in it.

Like many actresses, Ms I. went on to forge a successful singing career. These days, there aren't many songs that grab my ear. But her "That Day" did. It still does. Every time I hear it. That day; this day. Today. Just a "beautiful" portrait of the human condition, in all its ugly and awkward contrariness:

Well, that day, that day

What a mess, what a marvel

I walked into that cloud again

And I lost myself and I'm sad, sad, sad

Small, alone, scared, craving purity

A fragile mind and a gentle spirit

That day, that day

What a marvelous mess

Well this is all that I can do, I'm done to be me

Sad, scared, small, alone, beautiful

It's supposed to be like this; I accept everything

It's supposed to be like this

That day, that day

I lay down beside myself

In this feeling of pain, sadness

Scared, small, climbing, crawling towards the light

And it's all that I see and I'm tired and I'm right

And I'm wrong and it's beautiful

Well, that day, that day

What a mess, what a marvel

We're all the same but no one thinks so

And it's okay and I'm small and I'm divine

And it's beautiful and it's coming and it's already here

And it's absolutely perfect...

We think we're alone. We FEEL alone. We cry, strive, howl, despair... alone. And so do a thousand others. So we're together. Together in our aloneness. Or our loneliness. But together. Sharing that same humanity. Screaming at it. Against it! But shackled by it, constrained by it, held by it, enabled by it, freed by it. Stuck in a body, stuck in one mind; hating it all, hating all others, hating ourself. And then, above the scream, a tiny child's voice: "Love yourself". Love the closest person to you: Love You. The You you hide.

Charity begins at home. Begins within. Goes without. Love Thy Neighbour.

Who is my Neighbour? Turns out it's Natalie. And it's me.


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