Nice Package

9 Oct 2023

Swanage Bay is one of the most beautiful places on Earth that I know of. And, today, the weather was perfect, the sea was almost as calm as a millpond – though I exaggerate for effect. It was warm yet still – not too hot – like a day stolen from the colder days of Autumn to come. You could smell the seaweed – to my mind, a metallic scent, rich in iron. Oh, the sounds – a symphony of wildlife dancing with humans enjoying the leisure activity that the Bay affords us.

I viewed the Bay from my friends’ home… loaned to me for the week. They live, literally, on the Bay at a place aptly named ‘The Haven’. And that is what it has been for me in the times they are elsewhere. It feels like a home-from-home.

I’m almost envious.


If there was one message I’d leave for the World, it would be that, “Life is a package deal.”

Their home is beautiful, the views are to live for, and yet the home comes as a package… 

Specifically, mosquitoes.

A week later after two bites on my head, they still itch! They are not very ‘becoming’ either!

They are a great reminder to think about the package. My friends sacrificed much to own their home. That price that they paid is part of the ‘package’. Would I be willing to pay that price for the life they have? No! Assuredly not!

The house where I spend most of my time has the perfect bathroom, and the perfect shower, which is even better than my Dad’s – the topic of a blog from years ago.

Is it a bathroom that would warrant a ‘Hello’ photoshoot? No. It’s pretty humble. But it faces the Sunrise with its warming yellow tiles, and the shower is ‘just right’ in terms of flow and temperature and constancy. For me and my tastes, it offers the perfect start to the day.

So, my package is pretty OK.

I’d like to say, “No mosquitoes,” but in the rich humour of this rather weird universe, I see there is one making a pass at me right here as I type…

OK, point? The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence… but their gorgeous, luscious, verdant green grass is a part of a package. If you want the grass, you need to accept the whole package.

Perhaps, your package is nice enough to be content with today. If it is, tell us what you like about your ‘nice package’ – and we’ll all be grateful with you and for you.


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