Obeying the rules in the light of Self-care - the constant challenge.

2 Apr 2020

Why am I so literal, do you have that tendency or can you see round corners of implied meanings? Pull you socks up... yes I learnt that one a long time ago but I am sure I was still going for the tug years after my peers!

My head believes...'The only way to get along in this world is to obey the rules'. This isn't always sensible if it means my mental health breaks down and I can't self-care. Maybe I can bend them a little to give my head more room. So I drive out a little way from the house, to where I'm unlikely meet folk, where the path is wide and I won't get so worried if I happened to meet someone. Some may see it as non-essential, but it is essential to keep a fit mind and body.

It took me a week to summon up courage to ring the doctor and ask if my support worker counted as essential. As she helps me get to the shops and organise my life, keep me calm; he says she does count. I get to have help still!

With new rules, which are often unclear, and that change quickly, I am having to make my own decisions about what is safe for myself and others. Other's can correct me and I can change what I am doing. The main thing is I am allowed to look after myself, even if I may have to bend the rules a little.

How are you coping with such a different world? Do new rules stress you? Are you able to look after your needs?

I hope so.

Best wishes


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