1 May 2023

Once Upon a Time… we thought Planet Earth was the centre of the Universe, let alone just the Solar System.  We thought everything revolved around us. Then we grew up a bit.

But it still feels like we are the centre of the Universe because this is where our conscious awareness is, and everything revolves around that!

Once Upon a Time… I thought I was the centre of the Universe, let alone my family, and that everything revolved around me. Then I grew up a lot.

Now I realise that significant though my awareness of self is, I am only one of many billions – and that’s just on this planet!

But it still feels like I am the centre of the Universe because this is where my conscious awareness is, and everything revolves around that.

Today is a message of hope.

If the Universe is far bigger than I thought, and if the Universe doesn’t centre on me, I can commit to something far bigger, brighter, better, bolder. My ambition for a better world doesn’t have to be limited by my strength or even my lifespan. I could have an ambition for an organisation such as Moodscope – which will outlive my own years. I could be ambitious for the wellbeing of my Nation, or my community, or my family.

What if what I do today could make a positive difference to those people and causes I care about 100 years from this moment in time? Would I do something that could impact the future for the better?

So many good people I know think their lives are winding down. They have evidence that strength, capacity, even appetite is diminishing. If the ‘container’ we have to work in is only our lifespan, this makes sense. However, I stand on the shoulders of those who went before me – my parents, grandparents… and so on back into antiquity. I am because they were.

Let’s have a bigger vision for today. Let’s plant a tree. Let’s plant seeds for fruit that will come after us. Let’s invest in a future that others who come after us will benefit more from. I go out of my way to drive through two magnificent avenues of Beech trees in Dorset. Those who planted those trees did so in hope, and in a realisation that the fulness of the good they were doing would not be experienced within the time-frame of their own lives. Such nobility inspires me.

Be inspired.


A Moodscope member

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