Past, Present and Future

20 Nov 2021

We don’t know much about each other but I am sure we have three things in common. These are:

A Past

A Present

A Future

Obviously mine will be different to yours but all will be a mixture of good and bad things. Let’s consider each one in turn.

The Past

Our mind can produce thoughts from the past because the memory part of the brain is so good. I see it as a good thing to have the ability to dwell on enjoyable events from your past. Relaxing with a bit of nostalgia can be a very pleasant experience. This can be alone or socially with others.

On the other hand dwelling too much on bad things from the past can have a negative effect on our mood.

So thinking about our past can either improve or worsen our moods.

The Present

It is important to make time to enjoy the here and now. In modern terms this is called Mindfulness. To think only of what is happening now and thus eliminate thoughts relating to the past and future. If we use our senses it is not difficult to stay in the present. Examples:

Tasting good food with friends/family

Listening to music

Watching or playing games.

All these involve being ‘in the moment’. We can totally focus on what is happening to the exclusion of any other thoughts.

The practice of meditation uses this technique and it enhances harmony. It is based on the belief that when you are calm and relaxed it always leads to harmony.

However we cannot live in the moment all the time. We do need to think about the past and the future sometimes.

The Future

If we look forward we can anticipate good things happening. All Moodscopers can look forward to reading the daily post and making a comment if they so wish. Anticipation can lead to excitement sometimes. For example, planning family social events or special holidays. It helps if we have both short and long term events to look forward to.

The opposite of this positivity is anxiety. It is easy to become anxious about a future event. Continuous worry is not good for body or mind. Expressing the concern in writing or discussing it with someone can help.


For lifting our mood I suggest we need to have a mixture of future, present and future thoughts in our minds at different times. Getting the right balance between the three is an individual matter and worth some consideration.

We need not spend too much time thinking of the bad aspects. Although even this is beneficial if we can arrive at a state of acceptance relating to a past or possibly future event.

In simple terms Thomas S Monson said:

The past is behind - learn from it

The present is here - live it

The future is ahead - prepare for it.

What do you think?


A Moodscope member.

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