Planet Thanksgiving

25 Nov 2021

If you read Moodscope from, “across the pond,” you’ll want to join me in emphasising the positive feelings generated, Nationwide, by an event we Americans celebrate this week.

Our round Planet, our Globe, is well lit when viewed from space. Any visitors would see where the industrial development is strongest with a mere glimpse of their alien eyes. But what if these visitors were empathetic? Let’s imagine they were an empathetic race called the Emotians. Exploring the Galaxy, searching for intelligent Life, they would be able to ‘read’ the vibe of each populated planet.

If they visited this Thursday, they’d notice a whole continent (almost) lit up by “Thanksgiving” and “Gratitude”. What if this very American holiday were to be celebrated all over the Globe? (After all, the commercial aspect of the day after Thanksgiving seems to be catching on!) Let’s light up the Planet with the vibe of gratitude; let’s make it Planet Thanksgiving when seen from Space.

Thus, I suggest that all our members consider the positive impact of hosting their own Thanksgiving Dinner this Thursday. You will each have your own traditions but we can all unite in one activity, to press ‘pause’ and consider what we are grateful in spite of two lean years. Raise a glass to Moodscope too – to all our Members who make the Scope, The Buddy System, and the Blog Community such an important Lifeline for so many.

Oh, and to assert the pre-USA celebration of Thanksgiving, similar celebration days were held on what is now US soil by the Spanish, and by the French in the 16th Century. Thus, its Internationality predates what some would see as a purely American Feast Day.

We have some wonderful traditions including charitable giving, with organisations such as The Salvation Army having a reputation for dishing up delights across the States.

Whatever you choose to do, I shall be lifting a glass to you all as we, as a family, take turns to give thanks for specific blessings around the table.

Cheers! (Isn’t that what the British like to say?)


A Moodscope member.

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