Plunging into the cold

28 Oct 2021

I have read a few articles recently and heard a radio program about the benefits of cold-water showers and cold-water swimming. In Australia we have the Bondi icebergs, people who swim in the ocean pool in winter and add buckets of ice. I thought they were foolish and never thought it had benefits.

I am often curious about a therapy that sounds simple, is accessible to most people, while it promises improvement for one’s mental health and general wellbeing.

I am someone who complains when I get a few seconds of cold water when someone has used the hot water tap in kitchen while I am having a shower.  The mere thought of a five-minute shower did scare me and made me wonder if would actually try it!

However, I was inquisitive, so for the purposes of research for this blog, I decided to challenge myself to a shower of one minute. Dear reader, see what I am prepared to do so I can write blog! I know it does not sound a lot of time, but I thought it would be a big effort for my first time.

I kept putting it off then I thought I would be brave. How hard could it be? As it turned out, extremely hard for me!! I lasted ten seconds before I stopped as I was screaming, I thought I would worry the neighbours.

I do feel guilty and so privileged when I think of all the people in the world who do not have access to clean water and could only dream of a cold shower without having to walk miles to find water.

I am wondering if anyone has tried the cold shower, swimming in chilly water or knows of anyone who has, could you share your experiences.

I am waiting for researchers to discover the benefits of the warm shower, as I have. For me a nice warm shower makes me feel ready to face the day or calms me down if I am stressed.

Would anyone be willing to try the cold-water challenge?

Do you find reading about such suggestions helpful? Have you found a suggestion apart from cold water that has improved your mental health or has not worked??


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