Poetic Licence

4 Oct 2022

Some clichés are so descriptive, aren’t they? I like, “poetry in motion,” describing grace in movement. Like many of us, I also like it when we play on words. “Poetry in motion,” sounds like, “poetry emotion,” to me, at least! Poetry is a wonderful way to express emotion!

One of my regular guests on the Tuesday Breakfast Show is a poet. He’s found it frustrating to deal with us, and so he wrote us a poem expressing his ire! The poem was the most pleasant and palatable telling off I’ve ever had! My friend, the poet, has inspired me to invite you to express your emotions in poetry. Those emotions can be happy or not so – but they will get your emotions in motion! Maybe, they will shift something for you.

Here's my, “Ode to Strange Friends.”

Twenty friends I have to watch me

Ten quite chipper; ten more sober;

The first to seek more of;

The second to get over…

…And yet the latter guard me just as well,

For they warn me of impending hell.

My scope is there to guard my heart -

To spot the signs of coming dark.

Vigilant buddies can read those signs

Of potential danger in ‘interesting’ times

Of when to call and intervene

Before the fall becomes too extreme

Or when to tug upon the rope

Of high-flying kite that’s exceeded realistic hope.

Buddies can anchor me to Earth

When I’ve grown too manic,

Succumbed to mirth.

The blog and comments create a path

To guide each day and even make me laugh

For good humour is a key to living

Which Moodscope’s community keeps on giving.

Thus, I thank you all for hope for tomorrow,

A vital friendship that combats sorrow.

OK, let’s be honest… that’s not a brilliant poem!

But the whole point is about finding ways to express emotions, not about winning a literary prize. Perhaps it’s time for you to put pen to paper and release some emotion.

I look forward to hearing your inner ‘voice’ outwardly expressed.


Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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