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26 Aug 2018

Patterns, Organisation, Process...

I'm grateful to Lady Penelope for treating me to a trip to the Great Dorset Steam Fair. Whilst the event has something for all ages and tastes, we are both interested in the World War One replica trenches, wildlife, and in the traditional country crafts.

This year is the 50th Anniversary, and the event has risen to the occasion.

Let me begin with 'Patterns'.

We were fascinated to learn about how to make a Corn Dolly, and also how to make Lace. Both require a pattern that must be followed in order to produce consistent results. Whilst both seemed complex to the beginner, those demonstrating these crafts had mastered their art.

To me, this was an excellent metaphor for success in life. There are patterns we can learn, that, if we follow them consistently, can produce predictable pleasing results.

Which patterns have you learned that bring you consistent success or pleasure?

Let me continue with 'Organisation'.

We learned far more about World War One trench warfare than we have on previous visits. The volunteers, all in various uniforms to reflect their roles and ranks, were particularly chatty and fascinating.

The breakthrough understanding for me was to realise the power of the organisation that went behind rotating soldiers at the front. If I heard correctly, the military were moving 7000 tons of munitions, medical supplies, and men every night under the cover of darkness. There was a huge difference between the health of the British and the French troops. Most British soldiers spend only a few days at a time at the main front, and only a few weeks each year. The French did not rotate their forces in the same way, and as a result, lost morale, and lost troops to desertion and fatally poor performance.

Given that great organisation produced a better outcome for the British, what organisation tips do you have to keep you energised and engaged?

Let me finish with 'Process'.

A particular favourite of ours was to learn about felting from Joan Moncrieffe (fka Prowse). There is more flexibility in felting than in making Corn Dollies or Lace, but there are set processes in layering Joan's three-dimensional designs that must be followed.

Life is three dimensional – it may even have more dimensions – and our progress through life benefits from good processes alongside great organisation and successful patterns.

I'm curious – which processes work well for you as you progress through life?

I may be asking too much to hope that you'll comment on all three questions, but it would be great to hear about your patterns, organised approaches, or processes that bring you pleasure and success. Perhaps success in life is truly a craft we can all learn!


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