12 Aug 2022

Nothing to do with fences or Royal mail. I am talking about Moodscope Posts.


To some extent this is a continuation of my recent Post about communication. It also follows on from the very popular Post written by Jul on 2 June. 


First some background. During the first few years of Moodscope, Jon Cousins, the founder, issued daily emails to members. In May 2013 Jon left his creation and it remained in the capable hands of Caroline and her team. Quite soon members started to submit their own Posts for publication. This still continues and has been a great success. 


At this point I would like to give deserving credit to the regular weekly ‘Posters’. I am, of course, referring to Ratg, Lex, Mary W and Leah. For several years now (I know Mary and Lex started over 7 years ago) they have written Posts each week so their total contribution exceeds a thousand. They provide the backbone for each weeks Posts.


The ‘publication’ every day of a new Post has produced a library of over 3,000 Posts with associated comments. This is a treasure trove of information as there is an enormous variety of topics. It would be very useful if it could be analysed in some way. I appreciate there is a cost to this but it would be interesting.


Personally I find writing Posts therapeutic. I started in May last year and have now written about three dozen. Ideas pop into my mind from time to time and I keep a small notebook/pen and an online document folder to make sure they are recorded.


Sometimes I will start a Post, write around 200 to 300 words and then it dries up. I leave it for a while for it to ‘stew’ and then return to add a bit more. I usually do a bit of ‘googling’ on the subject to find something different or interesting and it can take four or five attempts before it is finished. 


I like to include something personal, humorous and thought provoking.


I look forward early each morning to reading the daily Post. I will either write a comment almost immediately or let the content of the Post go round my mind a while before replying.   


If you want to post a comment today I would like your views on:

1.  Do you think it would be useful to have a facility for analysing the content of previous blogs?


2.   It is said that there is a ‘book’ in all of us. So therefore there must be a ‘Post’. Do you have something you want to write about? 


A Moodscope member

PS. If you do wish to write a post for Moodscope just email it to

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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