R for Resillience.

24 Apr 2016

In our A to Z Guide to Life, we've got to the letter 'R'. I have many blogs beginning with 'R' but I also have the privilege of knowing an expert in Resilience. So it is my pleasure to hand over to Vanda North today, to share some of her insights into this vital aspect of positive psychology. Kindest Regards to all, Lex.

8 ways to boost the resilient warrior inside you!

1. Shift negative to positive speech patterns.

If someone says 'How are you?' How do you answer? 'Not bad!' or 'Hanging in there'?

Whenever possible, respond in the positive way because speaking this is resilience boosting.

2. Go with the flow.

Change is all about you all the time so resisting it will be reducing your resilience. Brace yourself and say, 'Go with the flow' and just for a while see what happens - it might be better than it was before!

3. Select being a victor (not a victim)

'It ALWAYS happens to me!' Just for a day try on a victor mentality. You could say 'I am becoming a victor (or victorious)' because as long as you are still giving it a go, that is the possibility.

4. Leave the (particularly negative) past in the past.

You cannot change the past, so, if there is a lesson to be learned, take it and move on! That builds your resilience.

5. Banish apathy.

The black fog of apathy drags you down with force. Notice how a relatively small burst of doing or being involved is self-motivating, rejuvenating and resilience assisting.

6. Boost your self-confidence.

Speak as encouragingly to yourself as you might to a four year old! 'Come on, let's have one more go – look you are closer than before!' With this strategy you will be more resilient for any of life's happenings.

7. Resist absolutes.

Substitute 'never' and 'always' with 'often', 'frequently' or 'sometimes' as this may be more accurate. Further this will enhance communication and relationships with the receiver - and that builds your resilience.

8. Cultivate coping strategies.

Mind Chi has 8 simple steps which take just 8 minutes and done every day will dramatically increase your resilience and make you a true resilient warrior. (Link to Mind Chi)

Vanda North

A friend of Moodscope

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