Rapid camaraderie

18 Sep 2023

‘Camaraderie’ – at least according to the top result on Google – is a mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.

I have, as recently as this weekend, experienced what I would call, “Rapid camaraderie.”

The context was the launch of a year long leadership programme. We didn’t have time to spend a lot of time together in advance of the opportunity afforded us. A weekend residential set the scene. The scene was populated by those of us who were isolated in high-pressure vocational scenarios, often under pressure and extremely time-poor. This meant that we all came primed to share at a deep level if we sensed the conditions were right.

The necessary conditions were a sense of safety, a sense of connection, and a sense of being free to be as we are without fear of judgment.

The conditions were met, and the weekend was transformational from the outset.

My hope is that you have a group of peers that you can feel safe to be yourself with, and that with whom you share a deep sense of connection. If you find such a group, do all in your power to protect it, cherish it, and nurture it!

If Moodscope is thus for you, let’s be grateful today for one another.


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