We won!!

5 Jul 2018

I am writing this blog in the euphoria of England's win Tuesday night against Columbia. Whilst many of you may not be soccer fans there are many lessons that can be taken from what went on in the players minds and the resulting performance. Of course without the benefit of seeing into the future I don't what will happen in the rest of the tournament.

For me one of the great positives was a real demonstration of the power of belief. The team suffered numerous set backs as the game progressed and just as many people thought that the game was won it suddenly wasn't before then descending in to extra time and then finally a penalty shoot-out. Despite everything the power of belief continued to keep the players going they never gave up and then after all the years of preparation suddenly everything hinged on a 5 penalty kicks for either team.

Imagine the thoughts pumping through the players minds as they had to think about their turns and then make a lonely walk across the pitch to take their shot – a time for either jubilation or to be remembered by millions of fans for generations to come. On top of all this the England team have been saddled with a penalty jinx as they've never won one before. The manager is one of those unfortunate players who has been there and failed to score and I'm sure that that he took this and channelled it into a positive learning experience that resulted in "the power of the process" where the players were able to calm their nerves and put into practice all their training to get a famous result.

As Moodscopers know all too well the power of the mind can be a heavy weight to bear but last night was a great demonstration of what positivity combined with the power of process can achieve. I'm sure that team spirit also played its part and being a member of Team Moodscope is a great to be a part of where shared experiences and support can hopefully make things a little easier for us all.


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