4 Feb 2023

I wish I could express that it’s all okay, that the depression has gone for good!That I’m pretty sure I’m past the worse of it… but I’m afraid it’s relentless…

From Christmas down to the new year and already throughout most of January I feel a very heavy cloud that doesn’t want to shift! It’s there day in and day out, non stop! On top of this I’m recovering from Covid and it’s not pleasant in my mind. Work is also not that great but I can’t actually describe to anyone in my life how exactly I’m feeling and who wants to actually hear it? No-one, is what I’m thinking. I guess I’m reaching out wondering how I got here and how I can get out of it. Medication isn’t working clearly! Exercise doesn’t seem to shift it either, talking therapy just seems like talking but no - try this out or that to get to the bottom of it.

So if all these things, which should in theory make you feel better, are not! Then what? Just relentless…


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