28 Oct 2016

I was trawling through previous blogs over the years (yes it was a quiet day in my shop) just to remind myself what I and other people had written about so I would not repeat myself. I always have this desire to write about something fresh but in reality there is 'nothing original under the sun'.

Why do we have this desire to be original when what we can offer is a different perspective our own personal way of viewing things. Also at Moodscope where people come and go, the audience changes so messages need to be repeated. I am sure I repeat anecdotes, ideas, and opinions in my blogs and I am never sure why some people see this is a bad thing.

As I get older my family is often complaining I repeat myself at times because I forget to whom I have spoken about some family news. So I either tell one person twice or forget to tell someone.

Why are some of us afraid of repeating ourselves? I suppose it is seen as a sign of losing one's memory if one is always repeating oneself.

Repeating in poetry is a literary tool as it used for emphasis. Some of the most quoted lines of poetry involve repetition.

I am often defensive when my family or friends point out they have heard it all before.

I wish I was confident enough to say "Yes I may repeat myself, but I thought it was worth hearing again."

Do you comment on friends or family who repeat themselves?

How do you react when people say you are repeating yourself?


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