Return to sender

21 Jun 2020

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I’ve just heard a phrase in a video from The School of Life that may be one of the most profound truths I’ve ever encountered… if it really is true.

“An inner voice always used to be an outer voice.”

The sentence comes from a video entitled, “Overcoming Bad Inner Voices,” a theme we often address here on Moodscope.

Why am I so excited by this?

The lady voicing the video offers The School of Life as an alternative voice - something I believe Moodscope is for its members. This voice is a gentle friend who has experienced some of the worst events life can throw at us, and yet has chosen not to become bitter. It is the voice our mothers should have had, but let’s not go there, eh? May we each, increasingly, become a voice to one another that is positively convincing, confident, and constructive… and so consistent that we all learn to internalise the kind voice that is ‘Moodscope’ - our uncritical friend.

It’s a voice that is uninterested in the external signals of success: being good at stuff. Rather, it loves us for just being. Loved as a Human Being, not a Human Doing. I’ve been getting to grips with Unconditional Love over the years, but I can now sense a new route to such a blissful experience. The route is to be the voice, that alternative voice, that pours our positive affirmation of the ‘other’ in such a way that our outside voice may eventually become internalised as their own internal voice. Our mission is to speak words of life and hope and love ‘into’ them.

If our heads really do contain the voices of all the people who have ever poured their thoughts into our consciousness, it’s pruning time! Out with the secateurs of love, and let’s get busy.

When I’ve cut off the heads of some of those very many negative and even ‘conditional’ voices, I’m going to box them up, seal them tightly, and mark on the box, “Return to Sender.”

Here’s what Moodscope’s voice might say:

Because of Moodscope’s inner voice, I am becoming…

More attentive - able to pay close attention

More interested in life and others, and thus more interesting

More active, feeling more energy

More determined, becoming increasingly resolute and resilient

Stronger - feeling able to cope with difficulties that, previously, would have beaten me

Increasingly inspired, feeling more of a desire to do something

Proud of what I am achieving

More alert - I really am becoming quick to notice and act appropriately

Really rather eager - enthusiastic, even!

So much so, I’m actually quite excited, looking forward to things!!


A Moodscope member.

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