Round Pegs in Square Holes.

9 Sep 2013

Being a creative, right brain thinker, and working for many years as a chartered accountant (yes, really), I struggled. I felt utterly out of place. Now, of course, I work in a more creative field, so things aren't quite so bad.

But on Thursday I attended a course for new tutors teaching in the lifelong learning sector (community learning and evening classes). On the course there were tutors who were holding classes on Badminton, Basic cookery, Mandarin, Cake Decorating, Guitar, Graphic Design, Chair-Based Exercise and Mixed Media Craft.

What was fantastic (and very unusual in my experience) was the way that each of us, and our courses, were held to be of equal value. In the standard educational system, academic subjects are given higher priority and even cookery has been replaced by the more scientific "food technology".

In the lifelong learning community however, Bee-Keeping seems to have the same status as Mandarin. Left brain and right brain thinkers are equally valued. Practical crafts are as important as academic subjects.

We all need to be valued – and we are all of worth. Just consider whether the people with whom you choose to surround yourself do actually value you. As a result of that you may wish to consider if you are actually in the right place with the right people.

When I worked as an accountant there was no place for the things I do really well, so I wasn't valued. As an Image Consultant those same talents and skills are essential and are treasured by my clients.

Don't be a round peg in a square hole (and I purposely use the words in that order). Somewhere there's a hole you fit perfectly, with people who will love the way you fit around them. Start looking for that place and those people and have faith they'll turn up.

Rattling around in a place where you feel constantly inadequate is a sure-fire way of fostering depression, and that's not very sensible, regardless of which side of the brain you're thinking from.

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