Routine – necessary or pointless?

28 Jul 2023

I do like routines and miss them when I don’t have them. They give me a sense of purpose and order. That’s why I find holidays hard unless I have a routine.

I know some people reading will be nodding in agreement and others will be sighing that is if they are still reading.

I want people to share their routines if they have them and tell me why they don’t like routine or why routines don’t work for them.

People have morning routines, evening routines, get out of house routine.

A few years ago after my life changed, I craved a routine, then covid came and it was about 6 months later when I volunteered at my local charity shop. First, I volunteered 5 days a week because I really needed that stable routine, and I was unsure what to do when I wasn’t there.

What do routines mean to you?

Can you share a routine that works for you, maybe getting out of the house, going to bed or any routine big and small?

Are you someone who finds routines restrictive? Can you explain why?


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