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20 Oct 2022

As I write this, I am intending to pretty much cut out wine from my diet. It's not a no to real ale which I also like, or gin and tonic, which I can be partial to. But it's no to that habit of drinking at home from a bottle of wine. It's becoming a habit I don't need and it affects my relationship and much more. I figure that if I make this sacrifice, I will be in the main richer, slimmer and more energised. But most importantly, my mental health will be stabler. 

I can't lie though. I am scared. I find most soft drinks incredibly boring. The ones I do like are smoothies and doing inventions of my own. However, I have little willpower and hardly any vices. I don't smoke or do drugs. I am rather boring. I thought of one strange incentive. 

Every time I would have bought a bottle of wine, if I round it off to £5, I’d pay in this amount every time I purchased one. Hopefully at the end of it, I can treat myself to a bottle of perfume. My favourite, Chanel No. 5 is empty now although it was crippingly expensive at just over £100 for 100 ml. 

I read a book recently and it described the wine that a character was drinking likened to cold honeysuckle liquid and that's kind of it for me. I am now 7 months off the age my own mother died, of cirrhosis of the liver and I don't want to follow the same. My husband has drastically cut down and although he is a little virtuous about his abstinence, I know it comes from a place of caring, especially as we have had issues with others in our lives who were alcoholic and it has had a marked effect on both of us.

I don't wish to be a killjoy on others who love a drink and who can handle it better than I can. I feel scared and a bit sad in all honesty and hoping that some of you who may have been on a similar journey can give me some well-needed encouragement.

What sacrifices have you made to benefit your health, finances or anything else and how has it been? I would really welcome your thoughts, tips and anything else you can think of to help me in my quest. I am struggling with annoyance at my lack of willpower.


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