Say Yes!

5 Apr 2014

Contrary to many out there, I suspect I'm not alone in being a cautious person, often uttering "No" when faced with a closed question.

I'm not the person you ask if you want something done immediately. Most of my family know this only too well. I'm queen of procrastination and not just when it's things I don't really want to do. Even if I do want to do something or go somewhere, I still say No!

Inevitably this causes me considerable guilt and anxiety. As someone already riddled with guilt (I'm a working mum of small children need I say more?), it's difficult. I spend hours deliberating the pros and cons of whether I should have said "Yes" and agreed there and then, or whether I feel happy with myself for having said "No".

So I've decided to try and say "Yes" to as many things as I can at the moment in order to spend time actually doing something rather than worrying about having not done it.

It's proving good so far. An anticipated quiet night at home turned into an enjoyable evening at the local pub. The chance purchase of a new pen has encouraged my son to start writing. Accepting the offer of a stay in a fancy hotel has presented a whole load more opportunities for nodding enthusiastically and gratefully accepting or agreeing.

Go on, say "Yes", you never know where it might take you...


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