2 Jan 2023

This was written for the second of January… the day after New Year’s Day.

I’m a massive fan of being second. If I may explain…

When we’re feeling depressed, it’s very difficult to find and manage energy. To initiate something – anything – is simply too expensive. Inertia is our constant companion.

In these times of low energy, it makes way more sense to find someone else who already has momentum, and harness ourselves to their wagon! Finding someone you admire, who is doing something you love, and then supporting them is a far more energy-efficient way to get ‘lift’.

This is why migrating geese rotate their leadership of the V formation they are so famously known for. Those geese in the secondary positions benefit aerodynamically from the lead goose who is on point! Life is less of a drag for them.

Remember, it is the second person in a Mexican Wave that is crucial to the movement’s success!

“I’ll second that!” is the battle-cry of the supporter that rallies attention to a good cause.

Thus, as we move into the second day of a New Year, full of exhausting opportunities and choices, it may be far more in your interest to find someone else to support – someone who is already heading in the direction you want more of.

By backing them, you can go along for the ride without having the pressure of having to win, to be first, to lead.

What people or causes could you get behind this year?


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