Small changes.

8 Nov 2016

When I was a teenager I tried to occupy less of the world, to become ghost-like.

As an adult I am softly spoken. When anxious my communication shuts down and I am inaudible.

So I started daily vocal exercises. Take a deep breath, fill my lungs, open my mouth wide say Haaaaaaa for as long as I can. I feel the vibration. Then a couple of tongue twisters. After a few weeks. I got feedback from somebody who didnt know my experiment - "something has switched on in your brain" - (articulation switch?)

I had backache. The doctors said my posture was bad - all that teenage hunching perhaps. I started doing core exercises, my muscles were weak. Now, I am standing straighter. Then I stumbled across this Ted talk on the effect of body language on your mind and started to experiment- the occasional hand on hips stand. Putting my arms outside the arms of the chair when sitting. (

Small changes, but the ghost is disappearing and the person is appearing, but the biggest metamorphosis is my mind, more confident and feeling good.

What do you experiment with?

The girl whose feet don't reach the ground

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