Tattie magic

24 Aug 2019

I'm cooking potatoes in a pan with water. They're simmering, then I'll strain and they're ready to serve with a giant twist of sea salt and a palm size lump of butter. The potatoes came out of my parent's garden and my kids grew them in giant buckets. They've done this with my parents since they were old enough to walk. It's a planting and harvesting ritual and it makes us all smile.

In a separate pan I'm frying up some red onions and some peppers (some of the peppers are also from parent's garden) so that they're cooked but still have crunch. I'll throw in some five spice before serving everything up together in a mish mash on our plates. And We Will Eat. We're all starving hungry. Its nearly 8pm and its been a long day. An enjoyable day, a not-much-food-consumed day.

I'm typing this as I wait for the magic to deal itself. And that is my point. Sometimes things sort themselves with just a bit of standing beside and waiting. Dinner is sorting itself, I wait nearby. Is there anything niggling you today? Making your skin tight and your brow pull down? Perhaps you might be able to let it sit awhile. Let it have a bit of space. Be near. Watch to see if it sorts itself.

Go on, take a break. Don't jump to try to fix it. Don't rush to fill the gap. Let it toast. Magic might happen.

Score time. I will if you will.

Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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