Thank goodness for Moodscope.

5 Aug 2013

I think it's timely to sing the praises of Moodscope. Our daily blogs are read by me with a mixture of reactions.

Some blogs I can identify with immediately. They strike a chord which makes me feel good and as if I am normal in the way I view life. I am not alone. I am not odd. I am normal!

Some are difficult to digest particularly first thing in the morning and will take me a couple of hours or more to actually understand the meaning. They are far too complicated for a person of little brain!

Some, a few, make me rage and I think about them all day and just have to reply. Indignant from Tunbridge Wells.

Some I think "Oh no! Not another one cajoling me to take some exercise, get out and meet people, join a class, read a self help no no I can't cope, go away!"

But the main thing I get from Moodscope and benefit greatly from is that it's the one tool I do not have to make any effort with and yet it HELPS!

(Apart that is from when the cards appear on the screen and the answer I want to click on isn't at the top and hells bells I have to flip it upside down or worse still, have to turn the card over and then even then after all that effort, it still might not show the correct feeling and I have to flip it again.)

Mmm...too much effort some days LOL.

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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