Thank you for helping me gain some balance.

28 Jun 2015

I've been a "Moodscoper" for about three years now.

It took me a while to see the benefit but now it's one of the most valuable tools in my mental health first aid kit.

An individual daily score tells me something. Where I am in relation to my 'norm'. In particular it tells me where I am in relation to HEALTHY.

Over time I've been able to learn what a range of scores mean for me. As it's subjective, the numbers themselves mean little. But you know that for me, health lies between about 50 and 65.

Above that and I'm probably doing too much - getting a bit over busy, over excited and likely to tire myself out.

Below this range is cause for concern - I may be, or may be heading towards depression.

This has been fantastic because it means I spot a mood trend before I feel it myself. I notice a week of lower scores and can take steps to help myself.

Equally I can see progress as I start to improve - something that I usually find difficult to recognise.

Over time, I've learnt that daily plotting is best - I get a fuller picture... But I do what I can! When I'm well I'm organised and there's a great graph. As things slide downwards I'm a bit more erratic initially then start plotting like mad - I want to be well and this helps!

If I'm 'very' well I get too busy and eventually I realise I need to slow down... Much as I might be enjoying the buzz I know what I really need is stability.

I have one buddy. My husband didn't manage to read my reports so I felt uncared for. We agreed it was best to take him off.

Initially my other friend commented on my scores. I found this unhelpful... If he misinterpreted things I felt unheard. If he was too anxious I felt pressurised. If he didn't see the significance I felt invalidated.

Now I've asked him not to comment it's much better. He sees the score and I can use it to help me talk if I need to.

So thank you moodscope for helping me gain some balance and for helping me be real about what's going on.


A Moodscope member.

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