The Fires

7 Jan 2020

We are in the middle of terrible bush fires here in Australia. The first ones broke out in September and since then parts of the continent have gone up in flames. The firestorms have led to loss of forests, loss of animals, loss of farmland, loss of property, and tragically loss of human lives.

Incredibly, some of the fires were deliberately lit, although most arose from lightning strikes on country left tinder dry by years of drought. We have cried many tears. So far Canberra has been safe but the danger is extreme and we have been asked to prepare for the worst. Canberra has been through all of this already, in 2003. We don't want a repeat. It is scary.

How can we avoid despair in this situation? Is there a positive in all of this? I think there is.

At times like this we organise to help each other, we stay in touch with loved ones, we share food, water, shelter, clothes. We do what it takes to revive our communities. We donate to charities supporting wildlife, farms, people who have lost their homes.

I am still fearful. Bags will be prepared in case we need to flee. But I know that the kindness and care of our community will get us through it, if needs be.


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