The good knickers

Self care
21 May 2023

How many of us save things for good? Many of us. The good jacket. The good shoes. The good watch. The good dishes. The good socks! The good undies (we may all have them and they’re the ones my granny would joke about “I can be run over now hen, I’m wearing my good knickers”).

It doesn’t matter if we save things this way or not. Personally, I quite like the gentle assurance of the good stuff - tucked away and leaned on in times when we need that corner squared. It is important that we do not save things too long. Don’t let these special things be moved on to charity when we are but dust! 

Using ‘the good stuff’ is one way we can be kind to ourselves. We can deem something worthy enough to use just because.

Today, along with one of my brothers and one of my daughters, we planted out my dad’s vegetable patch. I’m not unfit but I may have used muscles I don’t actually have! So, afterwards, a bath was poured. Stumbling over the good bath oil, I realised I’d been saving it for ten whole years. I popped off the glass stopper and drenched my bath water with it. It felt great to do so. 

I’m writing this reeking of beautiful bath oil. I don’t care if I’m slippy enough to slide down the plug hole. I just enjoyed it immensely and that is what being kind to ourselves is all about.

Will you treat yourself today?

Love from 

The room above the garage 

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