The Internet.

14 Jun 2017

The Internet, what a wonderful creation! The list is endless, I run my whole life from it...

Shopping, banking, news and weather updates, research, communication, music, videos, games. Moodscope of course!! I am sure you could add a few more to the list.

Whatever did we do without it?

Thing is, I find it is a real distraction. I must spend most of my days on it! Okay, when I was working, it was a godsend at times. If I didn't understand something, good old Google!! If I didn't want to ring someone, email! Sending documents through instead of relying on the post. Instant!

Skype! I can talk to my brother and actually see him, when he is in a different country, for free – wow!!

Social Media, another great invention. Or is it? I have recently come off Facebook as it was really not doing my mental health any good at all.

I miss it a little. I liked to be nosey. But did I really want to see that my ex had got married? That all my old friends were having such a great time of it? The 'selfies' from self obsessed (or insecure) people. The annoying comments... The times I had a rant on there and wish I hadn't!! Hours spent reading things for the sake of reading them. Should I not have better things to do with my time!

Oh yes, the wonderful internet.

Yes such a creation. In fact, absolutely amazing! I wouldn't be without it now...

But 20 years ago, I sat comfortably with a book or a magazine. I actually went to the shops and to the Post Office and to the Bank. I had a dictionary to look up words I didn't understand! I watched the news or listened to the radio if I wanted an update on current affairs. I have about 200 CDs (I won't mention the vinyl) but they never get used now.

Oh and if the phone rang, I was full of excitement as to who it might be. That was if I was at home of course. If I was out, then I was enjoying my time out and about without distraction! A hand written letter landing on the door mat was just bliss!

Does anyone else miss those days?

Apologies to the younger audience on here, older people can be very annoying!! Although hats off to the older generation having to master this wonderful internet, that has certainly taken over our lives... in some cases, whether you wanted it to, or not...


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